Why does a business need a social media marketing?

Now every business either it is a small or a big size company needs social media presence. Social media plays a vital role in business marketing strategy. It helps you to connect with the customer, increase brand awareness and helps to generate leads and increase sales. Traditional marketing is not enough anymore, so modern marketing social media marketing comes first due to the huge number of people are engaging in social media platforms.

With more than 3 billion people around the world using social media every month, the user and engagement on the major platforms just keep increasing and there is no drop point. Here are 5 reasons why social media accounts if you are not convinced.


1) Getting visitors/traffic 

Social media platforms are the major traffic sources of getting or generating lead to your website. By sharing the content of your website or blogs on social media, you are giving a reason to visit users to visit your website. By sharing quality content to your page.


2) Improve the Brand Awareness 

We can see that all the successful brands are on social media platforms. Now social media has the greatest power and potential to uplift the brand’s information to the mass by sharing. You will not only each to the specific target group but as well as to their network and you can expand your target market. So, don’t forget to add social sharing options to your blogs, e-commerce so people will be aware of your brand and will be interested in your brand.


3) Cost-Effective 

As you are aware, traditional marketing is expensive and you will not get the return as your expenses. Creating social media is free and you can advertise your firm/store as you like if you plan to use paid advertising on social media. You can do a small amount in comparison to traditional marketing. Social media marketing gives you meaningful results and you can track potential clients. Just by investing a small amount of money, you can get significant conversion rates and you will be more satisfied.


4) Get engagement with the customer 

Social media platforms allow getting engaged with the customer like they can like your pages, post comments, and direct messages to you and ask about the product or service you are providing. But you cannot do such a thing in traditional media. Which only offers one-way communication, you can get continuously engaged with customers with no time limit. You can stay active as much as you like and you can get the result and keep an eye on your customer which will be a real benefit for marketing purposes.


5) Gathering data from customer/ audience is easy 

You choose the right platform to gather data from potential customers. Not only will you be gathering the data of your customer but also of competitors, what they are doing, how they are targeting their customers. By collecting data you can use that data and use for marketing which you can’t do with traditional marketing.